And the winners are…

Here are the official winners of CupcakeCamp Atlanta’s 2011 competition:


1st: Salted Caramel Turtle – Pamela Askerneese
2nd: Chocolate Caramel/Vanilla Caramel – Karen Wayman
3rd: Black and Whites – Kinsey Mahan
1st: Lemon Curd Marshmallow Meringue – Amy Beaird
2nd Place Tie: Salted Caramel Turtle – Pamela Askerneese and Amaretto with White Chocolate – Suzie Brown
1st: Earl Grey Lavender – Tessa Horehled
2nd: Salted Caramel Turtle – Pamela Askerneese
3rd: Lemon Curd Marshmallow Meringue – Amy Beaird

Thanks again to everyone who participated – with all of the amazing cupcakes that were created and devoured, we definitely have a high standard to live up to for next year’s competition!

Also, if you were a winner and didn’t receive your prize, send us an email (cupcakecampatl[at]gmail[dot]com) telling us what category/place you won and we’ll make arrangements with you to get you your prize!

CupcakeCamp ATL – December 4, 2011


What a successful event we had! So many people showed up with gorgeous and delicious cupcakes and so many participants came by.

Thanks to all who participated – you made this such an awesome turn out!

Here are the photos from the event today that we took – if you or someone you know took photos, please share them with us in our Flickr photo group ( or email them to us at We’d really appreciate it.

Thanks again to all and hope to see you next year!

Less than a week to go!!

Can you believe it? December 4th is right around the corner!! We’re super excited that we can finally bring Cupcake Camp to Atlanta.

Here’s some info on what you need to know:

Are you a baker?

If so, please click the sign up link here and be sure that you’ve added your name to the list with the flavor you want to bake. We need to be able to have a final list of people no later than December 1st. A reminder, there will be no baking taking place at Octane. All cupcakes will need to be baked and ready to go before arriving. No cupcakes will be sold during the event. Cupcake Camp is a community event to bring fellow cupcake fans together. The event will be held from 2pm-5pm. We’d like to have all bakers at Octane no later than 1pm for setup. We would like to ask that you bring 2 dozen cupcakes (3 or more if you decide to do mini cupcakes). We will have forks and knives to allow for some to be cut in half so people don’t get too full too quickly!

We will be having contests during the event and giving away some fun prizes. Here are the categories:

• Best tasting
• Best looking
• Most unique flavor

We will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for all! Judging will be done by attendees. We will have some note cards and pens for people to make their decisions.

*If something comes up and you cannot make it to the event, please email us at cupcakecampatl[at]gmail[dot]com and remove yourself from the signup sheet.

Are you just a cupcake lover?

You are still needed! First off, if you want to help out with some supplies, go ahead and click the link to the right and let us know what you can bring! If you just want to show up, eat cupcakes and meet other cupcake lovers, please do! We just ask that you bring an appetite. The event will be held from 2pm-5pm. As a reminder, this is a FREE event and donations will be welcome upon entry. Donations will go to help Cupcake Camp succeed and continue to be an annual event in Atlanta. We’ll be having contests and need you to vote! The categories are listed above. We’ll provide cards so votes can be placed. Voting will take place between 2pm and 4:30pm with winners announced at 5pm.

For everyone:

Tell your friends! We have an Event created on Facebook, let us know if you can make it and invite your friends there, too!

Let us know if you have any questions about anything for the event and we hope to see everyone Sunday!

Not sure where Octane is?
It’s located at
1009-B Marietta St
Atlanta GA 30317
Get Directions!

Sign up for Cupcake Camp Atlanta, 2011! @ Octane Coffee – Westside

Cupcake Camp ATL

Cupcake Camp Atlanta is sneaking up on us quickly! We’ve got a little less than a month until we the event on December 04, 2011!

In order to help make sure not everyone is bringing Red Velvet cupcakes or something, we’ve created a simple Google Doc Spreadsheet to act as a signup sheet for the event. This will allow you to post your name, the flavor cupcake you plan on baking and/or extras we can use. Extras will include the following:

• Milk
• Napkins
• Small paper plates
• Plastic Forks

If we think of anything else, we’ll make a note on the spreadsheet about it.

So please, go ahead and fill out the info on the link below and signup:

Sign up!!


Mark your calendars!

December 4th, 2011. Atlanta’s first annual Cupcake Camp is coming up in a little over 6 weeks. The awesome folks over at Octane Coffee (Westside) have been extremely generous enough to let us use their shop to host this event.

The event will be about 3 hours long (exact times still TBD, but afternoonish time going no later than 5pm). Now that we have an official date, we need your help! If you are interested in participating in Cupcake Camp, please reply and let us know. This means that you are willing to bake at least a dozen cupcakes to present and let guests try them. We need to know about how many stations to set up. Reminder, this is a FREE event, so no cupcakes will be sold. We are welcoming donations on the day of the event that will go towards the cost of this year’s event and hopefully expanding next year’s. In addition to just letting people walk around and try cupcakes, we will also be having a contest! The contest categories (as of now… we’ll update if there are changes) will be as follows:

• Best tasting
• Best looking
• Most unique flavor

If you’re thinking “I’m not a baker, but I still want to help!!”, we can still use your help! We’ll need plates, plasticware, napkins and, of course, MILK (all kinds. regular, soy, whatever). In additon, there’s the simple help of “spread the word!”. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your neighbor. Whoever you want. Let us know if you’re willing to help out here, too.

We’re also going to be in touch with some local bakeries to see about helping out with prizes for the contest. If you know anyone that works at one, let us know if they’d be interested in participating!

We’ll be in touch soon with a time confirmation and a final list of the 3 categories for the contest.

-B & C

Plans for 1st annual Cupcake Camp Atlanta

Hey Friends!

We just wanted to let you know that things are in works to try and get this whole thing going for some time this year.  We could definitely use some help though!

First off, location suggestions!
This is a free event, so a venue that can be used for an afternoon free of charge is ideal. If you know anyone with a hookup, talk to them and let us know!
If this isn’t possible, maybe we can find someone willing to sponsor it and hook us up with renting out a place.

Next on the list is finding out who all is interested in being a part of this.

If you are interested in participating and baking up some cupcakes, we want to know!
If you know of anyone interested, let them know about this and send them to our Facebook and/or Twitter pages!

Thanks everyone and let’s make this happen!

B & C